where can i get the best free website domain in 2021

Where can I get the best free website domain in 2021?

If you want to make a decent career in Digital Marketing then you should have your own website. Once you are thinking to have your website than 2 main things need to be considered. One is your website domain name and the other is the web hosting features. Gone are the days when the website domain was costlier and the domain service provider was limited. Today we have many website domain providers in India and abroad.

How to get a free website domain and hosting?

To get a free website domain you need to do research of various service providers via Google search. Finding a unique website domain name is the need of the hour right now in the digital marketing world. Domain names act as a Home in the World Wide Web world. There are many tools available in the market which helps in getting the website domain name ideas. GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, A2 Hosting, WPEngine, SiteGround, Hostwinds, Kinsta, iPage, Scala Hosting, GreenGeeks, and Cloudways are some of the few players in the website domain world who provide free website domain or hosting as per the selected packages. If you are looking for eco-friendly hosting then visit https://www.greengeeks.com/

Free or paid domain name registration can be done on any domain name service provider’s website. It is always best to get a free or paid domain from where you have purchased the web hosting package so that domain name setup in the web hosting can be done easily and smoothly without any trouble. Also if you have a different web hosting provider and domain name provider then your total cost of purchasing web hosting also increases. If you are from a technical background you can select any combination of web hosting provider and domain name service provider.

To get a domain name, you could buy a website domain or get a free website domain along with the website hosting. For example, navigate to the GoDaddy website and do a website domain check. If you find the right domain name as per your requirements then do website domain registration. Free website domain registration is provided by GoDaddy if you purchase premium website hosting packages. GoDaddy provides add-on free website domain and hosting in India if you buy a website hosting package for 2 or 3+ years.  For doing Website domain registration in India, you need to visit https://in.godaddy.com/

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Other things which needs to be taken care of along with domain name:

Along with a domain name you need to purchase a proper web hosting package to make a decent SEO friendly website. You could also purchase an SSL certificate to make your website secure from vulnerable hacker attacks. In the initial days’ service providers use to provide website domain registration for few months only but nowadays looking at the current scenario, how business is done worldwide, the domain service providers provide domain free for a year. All the major domain service providers provide yearly free domain registration for most of the web hosting plans.

Some things about domain suffixes:

Also there are various domain suffixes that are provided by the domain service provider. Some examples are domainname.com, domainname.in, domainname.co.in, domainname.club, domainname.org, domainname.store, domainname.info, domainname.live, domainname.net, domainname.xyz, domainname.site, domainname.me to name a few.

The domain suffix plays an important criterion, to know, whether the domain name could be available for free or you need to buy the domain name as per your required domain suffix. To get a paid website domain the purchase criteria is easy as compared to free domain purchase criteria. If you are ready to spend money then you could almost purchase the domain in any suffix, provided the domain name suffix is not already purchased.

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Some things about add-ons:

Other add-ons to look for along with purchasing a free domain would be:

Full Domain Privacy & Protection:

  • Protects against domain hijacking and malicious transfer.
  • Prevents accidental domain loss due to an expired credit card and other billing failures.


Ultimate Domain Protection & Security:

  • Provides Full Domain Privacy & Protection.
  • Protects your domain with automatic malware scans and continuous security monitoring and notifies you if anything is wrong.
  • Monitors search engine blacklists to ensure your domain reputation is protected.

You can select any one option as per your website needs. If you do not select any one of the above protection features then your domain comes with Basic Privacy Protection. Your personal data will be redacted in GoDaddy’s WHOIS directory. But your domain will not be protected against accidental expiration & malicious transfers.

Also you can create an email address that matches your domain by paying nominal monthly fees for your free domain.

If you are planning to make your career in blogging or affiliate marketing then having a website is a must. In your initial stage of your career you can work with free domain along with webhosting but eventually as years pass, if you are serious to make your career in blogging or affiliate marketing then you need to purchase a domain along with the website security features for the safety of your website from hackers.

Summarizing the above points:

Choose the right website domain provider to get a free website domain. GoDaddy or Namecheap website domain name providers can be used.

For example: Check for your required domain name in GoDaddy. Select a paid web hosting plan so that you can get a free domain along with the paid web hosting package. Select the proper domain suffix. .com is the most registered domain suffix people use for building a website.

In the initial stage of your career when you are doing practice in your website, work on free domain and paid web hosting combination. Once you are serious about making a career in blogging or affiliate marketing purchase a well-versed SEO-friendly domain name and web hosting package from Go Daddy to get a better return on investment. Purchase full website protection package and professional email package. Always try to purchase domain name and web hosting provider from the same service provider to get better technical support from the service provider.

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