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Best Small SEO Tools and Paid SEO Tools in 2021

As the internet is getting dense day by day by new website getting a host and new content published every day in the form of Blog, Articles, Comments, Infographics, etc. The competition of being at the Google top search is high and people, consumers, end-users are taking note of this in all the related fields in which they are on the internet. Due to intense competition, human errors are seen while making websites, blogging, social media marketing, and SEO. To solve these errors free and small SEO tools also come in handy.

Some of the SEO problems seen are at:

  1. Text Content
  2. Images Editing
  3. Keywords positioning
  4. Backlink creation and submission
  5. Website Management
  6. Website Tracking
  7. Proxy
  8. Domains
  9. Meta Tags
  10. Password Management
  11. PDF Files
  12. Website Development
  13. Unit of Measurement Conversion
  14. Binary Conversion
  15. Calculations

There are free SEO tools available in the markets which try to solve the above problems. Example: Small SEO tools plagiarism, Google SEO Tools, Various Combination of Group buy SEO tools are also available at the internet which are trying various ways to solve SEO problems.

small seo tools plagiarism

For example, there are various plagiarism SEO tools that try to solve the problem of content duplication. CopyScape a Paid SEO tools plagiarism checker is available but the small SEO Plagiarism checker tool also gives the best results if you are confident enough that you have written unique content without copying the content from other websites.

Various SEO tools are created to solve problems of different Industrial domains.

Some features, for which small SEO tools are created, are as follows:

Features of Text Content Tools:

  1. Plagiarism Checker
  2. Article Rewriter
  3. Grammar Check
  4. Word Counter
  5. Spell Checker
  6. Paraphrasing Tool
  7. MD5 Generator
  8. Uppercase To Lowercase
  9. Word Combiner
  10. Image To Text Converter
  11. Translate English To English
  12. Text To Image
  13. Text To Speech
  14. JPG To Word
  15. Small Text Generator
  16. Online Text Editor
  17. Reverse Text Generator

Features of Design Studio Tools:

  1. Logo Maker
  2. Resume Builder
  3. Flyer Maker

Features of Image Editing Tools:

  1. Reverse Image Search
  2. Image Compression
  3. Favicon Generator
  4. Video To GIF Converter
  5. Image Resizer
  6. Crop Image
  7. Convert to JPG
  8. RGB TO Hex
  9. PNG To JPG
  10. JPG To PNG

Features of Keywords Tools:

  1. Keyword Position
  2. Keywords Density Checker
  3. Keywords Suggestions Tool
  4. Keyword Research Tool
  5. Keyword Competition Tool
  6. Related Keywords Finder
  7. Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool
  8. keywords Rich Domains Suggestions Tool
  9. SEO Keyword Competition Analysis
  10. Live Keyword Analyzer
  11. Keyword Overview Tool
  12. Keyword Difficulty Checker
  13. Paid Keyword Finder

Features of Back Link Tools:

  1. Backlink Checker
  2. Backlink Maker
  3. Website Link Count Checker
  4. Website Broken Link Checker
  5. Link Price Calculator
  6. Reciprocal Link Checker
  7. Website Link Analyzer Tool
  8. Broken Backlink Checker
  9. Valuable Backlink Checker
  10. Backlinks Competitors
  11. Anchor Text Distribution

Features of Website Management Tools:

  1. Website SEO Score Checker
  2. Google Pagerank Checker
  3. Online Ping Website Tool
  4. Page Speed Test
  5. Website Page Size Checker
  6. Website Page Snooper
  7. Website Hit Counter
  8. XML Sitemap Generator
  9. URL Rewriting Tool
  10. What is My Screen Resolution
  11. URL Encoder Decoder
  12. Adsense Calculator
  13. Open Graph Checker
  14. Open Graph Generator
  15. QR Code Generator
  16. Htaccess Redirect Generator
  17. Get HTTP Headers
  18. Twitter Card Generator
  19. Internet Speed Test
  20. WordPress Theme Detector
  21. Instant Search Suggestions Tool
  22. Online Virus Scan
  23. Website Screenshot Generator
  24. Secure Email
  25. Mobile Friendly Test
  26. Video Downloader
  27. Facebook Video Downloader
  28. Soundcloud Downloader
  29. Vimeo Video Downloader
  30. Instagram Video Downloader
  31. Dailymotion Video Downloader
  32. Minify CSS
  33. Minify HTML
  34. Minify JS
  35. Robots.txt Generator
  36. URL Shortener
  37. Website Checker
  38. URL Opener
  39. PHP Formatter
  40. HTML Formatter
  41. HTML Editor
  42. HTML Viewer
  43. XML Formatter

Features of Website Tracking Tools:

  1. Link Tracker
  2. Reverse IP Lookup
  3. Check Server Status
  4. Class C IP Checker
  5. Code To Text Ratio Checker
  6. Alexa Rank Comparison
  7. Page Comparison
  8. Spider Simulator
  9. Comparison Search
  10. Google Cache Checker
  11. Whois Lookup
  12. Mozrank Checker
  13. Page Authority Checker
  14. Google Index Checker
  15. Alexa Rank Checker
  16. Redirect Checker
  17. Similar Site Checker
  18. Cloaking Checker
  19. Google Malware Checker
  20. Find Facebook ID
  21. Check GZIP compression
  22. SSL Checker
  23. Pokemon Go Server Status Finder
  24. Find Blog Sites
  25. GEO IP Locator
  26. Apps Rank Tracking Tool
  27. What Is My Browser
  28. Check Social Status

Features of Proxy Tools:

  1. What is My IP
  2. IP Location
  3. Free Daily Proxy List

Features of Domains Tools:

  1. Domain Age Checker
  2. Domain Authority Checker
  3. Domain IP Lookup
  4. Domain Hosting Checker
  5. Find DNS records
  6. Domain Name Search
  7. Domain To IP
  8. Check Blacklist IP
  9. Find Expired Domains
  10. Bulk Domain Rating Checker
  11. Index Pages Checker

Features of Meta Tags Tools:

  1. Meta Tags Analyzer
  2. Meta Tag Generator

Features of Password Management Tools:

  1. Password Encryption Utility
  2. Password Strength Checker
  3. Password Generator

Features of Online PDF Tools:

  1. Merge PDF
  2. Rotate PDF
  3. Unlock PDF
  4. Lock PDF
  5. Watermark
  6. PDF To Word
  7. Word To PDF
  8. PDF To JPG
  9. JPG To PDF
  10. PowerPoint To PDF
  11. Compress PDF
  12. Excel To PDF
  13. Split PDF

Features of Development Tools:

  1. JSON Viewer
  2. JSON Formatter
  3. JSON Validator
  4. JSON Editor
  5. JSON To XML
  6. JSON Beautifier

Features of Unit Converter Tools:

  1. Unit Converter
  2. Time Converter
  3. Power Converter
  4. Speed Converter
  5. Volume Conversion
  6. Length Converter
  7. Voltage Converter
  8. Area Converter
  9. Weight Converter
  10. Byte Converter
  11. Temperature Conversion
  12. Torque Converter
  13. Pressure Conversion

Features of Binary Converter Tools:

  1. Text To Binary
  2. Binary To Text
  3. Binary To HEX
  4. Hex To Binary
  5. Binary To ASCII
  6. ASCII To Binary
  7. Binary To Decimal
  8. Decimal To Binary
  9. Text To ASCII
  10. Decimal To HEX

Features of Online Calculators:

  1. Age Calculator
  2. Percentage Calculator
  3. Average Calculator
  4. Confidence Interval Calculator
  5. Sales Tax Calculator
  6. Margin Calculator
  7. Probability Calculator
  8. Paypal Fee Calculator
  9. Discount Calculator
  10. Earnings Per Share Calculator
  11. CPM Calculator
  12. Loan To Value Calculator

Features of some other Tools:

  1. Roman Numerals Date Converter
  2. Credit Card Validator

Some of the off page SEO tools and On page SEO tools list are:

seo tools list

50+ Best Free SEO Tools available in 2021 are:

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools
  2. Data Studio
  3. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations
  4. Keyword Hero
  5. MozCast
  6. Beam Us Up
  7. Link Redirect Trace
  8. Redirect Path
  9. Screaming Frog
  10. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer
  11. SEOlyzer
  12. Xenu
  13. Answer The Public
  14. Keyword Explorer
  15. Keyword Surfer
  16. Ubersuggest
  17. Disavow Tool
  18. Link Explorer
  19. Link Miner
  20. Detailed
  21. Backlink Checker
  22. Google My Business
  23. Google Review Link Generator
  24. Local Search Results Checker
  25. Moz Local Online Presence Tool
  26. Mobile First Index Checker
  27. Mobile SERP Test
  28. Mobile-Friendly Test
  29. Chrome DevTools
  30. Marketing Miner
  31. SEO Minion
  32. Sheets for Marketers
  33. Small SEO Tools
  34. Varvy
  35. Natural Language API Demo
  36. Rich Results Test
  37. Structured Data Testing Tool
  38. Tag Manager
  39. View Rendered Source
  40. BuzzSumo
  41. Hunter
  42. SimilarWeb
  43. Wappalyzer
  44. Wayback Machine
  45. Bulk Domain Availability Checker
  46. Cloudflare
  47. GTmetrix
  48. Lighthouse
  49. Page Speed Insights
  51. WebpageTest
  52. SEMrush – 7 Days Free Trial
  53. Google Search Console
  54. Google Analytics
  55. Google Keyword Planner
  56. Ahref
  57. MOZ – All in One SEO Toolset
  58. Autoptimize
  59. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets
  60. SEO Quake

10+ Best Free SEO WordPress Plugins:

  1. SEO 2020 by Squirrly (Smart Strategy)
  2. Rank Math
  3. All in One SEO
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant
  6. WP Rocket
  7. Broken Link Checker
  8. SEO Press
  9. SEO Ultimate
  10. Really Simple SSL
  11. SEO Framework
  12. ShortPixel Image Optimizer
  13. Redirection
  14. WP Meta SEO
  15. WP Super Cache
  16. SEO WordPress

Once you have got the knowledge of SEO Tools, let’s have a look at the best free SEO friendly WordPress Themes available in 2021 are:

  1. Astra
  2. OceanWP
  3. Hestia
  4. Bento
  5. Go
  6. Blocksy
  7. SiteOrigin Unwind
  8. Hemingway
  9. Neve
  10. Sydney
  11. Hueman
  12. Poseidon
  13. Maxwell
  14. Writee
  15. Fascinate
  16. Moderne
  17. Kent
  18. Lovecraft
  19. Baskerville
  20. Admiral
  21. Shapely
  22. Ashe
  23. Hiero
  24. Tracks
  25. Mesmerize
  26. The Columnist
  27. Satori
  28. Phlox
  29. Illdy
  30. Primer
  31. Blog Diary
  32. Garfunkel
  33. Author
  34. Tempo
  35. iFeature
  36. Natural Lite
  37. Responsive
  38. Virtue
  39. Otography
  40. Ignite
  41. Avant
  42. Responsive Mobile
  43. Vogue
  44. Magbook
  45. Panoramic
  46. Conica
  47. CityLogic
  48. Agama
  49. Fury
  50. Ascend
  51. Wisteria
  52. The Writers Blog
  53. BlogStart
  54. Creativ
  55. Blogger Era
  56. Queens Magazine
  57. Balanced
  58. Infinity
  59. Interserver
  60. Journal
  61. Bold Photography
  62. Sparker
  63. Memory
  64. EightyDays Lite

This article is written, keeping in mind, the person who is new to the digital marketing field and who is interested in Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. The main purpose of this article is to nurture the right talent in the right way.

If you are serious about making a career in SEO then this are the areas you need to take care in SEO:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Rank Tracking
  4. Content Optimization
  5. Backlink Analysis
  6. Video SEO
  7. Link Building

Some paid tools which can help in these 7 areas of SEO are:

SEO Monitor:

SEO Monitor is for SEO Performance and useful for Technical SEO and Rank Tracking.

Official Website:


Whitespark is for local SEO and useful for Technical SEO, Content Optimization and, Link Building

Official Website:


SECockpit is for advance keyword research

Official Website:

Agency Analytics:

Agency Analytics is a reporting tool useful for Technical SEO and Content Optimization

Official Website:

AMZ Tracker:

AMZ Tracker tracks your rankings on and international Amazon websites (like AMZ tracker is useful for Rank Tracking and Content Optimization.

Official Website:

Authority Labs:

Authority Labs is useful for Rank Tracking

Official Website:


WebCEO is useful for Technical SEO, Keyword Research and, Rank Tracking

Official Website:


Ahrefs is useful for Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis and, Link Building

Official Website:


Buzzstream is useful for Link Building

Official Website:

Muck Rack:

Muck Rank is useful for Link Building

Official Website:


Pitchbox is useful for Link Building

Official Website:

In this blog, I have mentioned the free SEO tools, the free SEO Word Press Plugins, the free SEO Word Press Themes, and the Paid SEO Tools in a number format style. I have not gone in-depth with each tool. I hope you will do a detailed study of these tools as per your requirement and make a serious career in SEO. Whether you use free or paid tools, getting the end result which is keyword ranking and conversion, are the main things, which need to be kept in mind, before selecting tools. I hope this Blog helps you a lot.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer then you need to think about domain and landing pages.

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